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The GelBottle + Famous Names

Nail Therapy with Shine Bright focuses on the health and strength of the natural nail. 


Extra strength comes as standard: Natural nails are reinforced with an overlay application of The GelBottles' Builder in a Bottle (aka BIAB) or Famous Names IBX Boost; both products provide the support and strength of hard gel, but with lightness and flexibility of a gel polish. The choice of BIAB or Boost can be determined upon appointment. 

For those with weak or damaged nails, I also offer the addition of Famous Names IBX Repair: An award winning, industry revolutionising treatment of its kind. A toughening and strengthening system which works inside the nail plate, rather than sitting on top like traditional nail services. IBX fuses the layers in the upper nail plate together with a penetrating formula that offers permanent strength. IBX Repair is applied prior to BIAB or Boost.

IBX helps to...

  • Reduce “white spots” on the surface of the nail.

  • Repairs damage caused by poor nail care, medication or intensive treatments such as the side effects of radiation/chemotherapy.

  • Repairs splits, brittleness, peeling and free edge delamination. 

  • Targets and strengthens weakness in the nail plate to allow the nails to grow readily on their own. 

  • Fills up grooves and ridges to smooth the nail plate.

  • Creates a protective shield for the nail.  

  • Improves the integrity of the nail, in turn protecting and supporting any gel polish coating.

  • Improves natural nail colour and appearance.

What does a Shine Bright manicure and pedicure involve?

Manicure and Pedicures with Shine Bright involve expert nail care and preparation: Push back of the eponychium, cuticle removal, and nail shaping. If chosen, application of IBX Repair, followed by "the strength" - an overlay of BIAB or Boost gel. You can choose from a growing selections of super pigmented The GelBottle colours, finished with an ultra strong and shiny The GelBottle or IBX top coat (dependent on base choice and if colour applied). To finish, in pedicure heels are filed, hands and/or feet are exfoliated with Dadi Scrub and cleansed with a hot flannel before applying the super nourishing Dadi Lotion and Dadi Oil.  

You will also receive a free Dadi Oil with your first Nail Therapy treatment.

Shine Bright specialises in natural nails, therefore full sets of nail extensions are not available; however should you damage a nail and not want to shorten the length of your full natural set, I do offer sculpted extension fixes of up to 4 nails per set, using BIAB or IBX Boost.

Both BIAB and IBX Boost can be in-filled. In-fill of gel that has been applied by Shine Bright is included in the cost of your treatment. However there is a charge for a full soak off; if you require a soak off I recommend this is done as an at home, self treatment.

Why should I take off my gel at home?

This will save time and money. There are multiple applications in the at home removal kits. Gel polish soak off takes around 15 minutes, followed by a little self care of the nail before reapplication of polish: Peacci at home, or a gel appointment with me. 

To soak off gel that I have applied is an additional £10. To remove gel applied by another therapist will cost an additional £20 due to the uncertainty of the brand used and time the removal could take - Should removal take longer than 20 minutes this will impact on the time to complete your full manicure/pedicure experience. All removal kits are complete with instructions and I am happy to talk you through this on a video call should you need extra support. You can purchase at home removal kits directly from Peacci HERE

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Why The GelBottle?

Having felt disheartened by a lack of quality products with limited choices, my love for nails started to slip; feeling unable to take on as many clients as I wanted simply because I could not find a brand that could tick the boxes of high pigment and longevity... Then, The GelBottle arrived... It truly reignited my passion for nails. It is super pigmented with an incredible, ever expanding range of colours appealing to all. A 100% gel formula, supporting and maintaining the health of the natural nail, and, is cruelty free and vegan. The GelBottle range inspired me to make a full return to an industry I love. 

Why the Famous Names range?

Quite simply, nothing can compare to the science and innovation of the industry changing Famous Names IBX Repair. It has transformed the health of weak or damaged nails and the confidence of the wearer. It is the only nail penetrating, strengthening treatment to offer permanent results. 

Famous Names "Dadi" range is cruelty free and vegan (with the exception of their lip balm, powered by beeswax). Containing an abundance of naturally derived ingredients, of which 95% are certified organic, the Dadi range delivers penetrating nourishment with an incredible aroma to soothe the senses and is non-greasy. Their range of cuticle oil, body lotion, body scrub and lip balm is truly like nothing else I have ever used. Before the body and lip care was launched I used to use the Dadi Oil in my bath, and as a body, face and hair oil. And I still do, alongside the added luxury of the full range.

Who are Peacci?

Peacci are the "at home" sister brand to The Gel Bottle. As with The GelBottle, all products are cruelty free and vegan. Regular nail polish that matches The GelBottle colours with exceptional pigment quality, finish and longevity; prolonging the salon service and encouraging you to take your at home "maintenance" as a ritual of self care for your body and mind.

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Nail Care


How long should a gel manicure/pedicure last?

Based on nail growth, your manicure should last on average, 2-3 weeks, and your pedicure on average, 6-8 weeks. 

However, the longevity of your manicure or pedicure can be extended considerably with the correct self-care:

  • Massaging in cuticle oil regularly (every morning and evening at minimum) to the cuticle, surrounding skin, and the underside of the nail to maintain flexibility

  • Keeping your nails filed and tidy between appointments if you feel they are growing too long for practicality (remember to seal the free edge with clear or a matching polish)

  • Wearing appropriate, protective gloves when cleaning, gardening or using any chemicals or detergents

  • Washing your hands (and massage in cuticle oil) after applying sun creams, tanning lotion and similar/chemical altering based products  

  • Not using your nails as tools (i.e to open, peel, lift, screw, pick up etc)

  • Not picking at your polish. And yes, us nail therapists can spot when gel polish has been picked at, or if it has naturally lifted off...

Why is it important to use cuticle oil?

Think of the preparation of your manicure/pedicure - eponychium push back, cuticle removal and filing - as the shampoo: Cleansing ready for treatment; and cuticle oil as the conditioner: Hydrating, promotion good circulation, maintaining flexibility, nourishment, and supporting the health of your skin and nails as they grow. In addition, helping to prolong the wearability of your gel or regular polish. Use of penetrative Dadi Oil will ensure that nutrients are delivered inside the nail, supporting its health and growth.

My gel polish has lifted... What do I do?

In this highly unlikely event, IF your polish lifts within 3 days of application, get in touch within this time period - I will remove the lifted polish and reapply free of charge upon contact within this period. After this, the relevant charges apply to your appointment. 

If you have a removal kit, soak off the lifted polish and reapply with a matching or statement colour.

Alternatively, to secure the lift prior to reapplication, clip the lifted polish away, smooth the edge of the clipped polish with a gentle file (100/180 grit) and paint the area with a clear or matching polish, you may wish to use one or two coats. Paint a final coat over the whole nail. Another option is to cleanse the area under the lift and apply polish, allow it to become tacky before securing the gel polish to the nail. Secure with a top coat or matching colour over the whole nail.

Are there any reasons why I could NOT have a manicure or pedicure?

If you have any medical conditions that affect the circulation such as diabetes and haemophilia, please consult your doctor before booking a manicure or pedicure as this could affect your condition and safety of treatment. 

Please also refrain from booking, and consult your doctor for advice and treatment if you have, or suspect you have the following: 

  • Fungal infections such as Athletes Foot. Fungal infections spread rapidly and thrive in damp areas. They can appear soft and spongy. 

  • Bacterial infections such as Onychia. Bacterial infections are usually characterised by swelling, tenderness and redness.

  • Infectious or contagious diseases. 

  • Undiagnosed lumps or swelling of the hands or feet. 

  • Broken, sore skin or recent scar tissue.

  • Severe eczema or psoriasis affecting the nail area.


The following conditions may restrict your treatment:

  • Common viral infections such as warts or verrucas, please cover these with a waterproof dressing prior to your appointment.

  • Onychocryptosis - Ingrowing nails. ​

  • Onycholysis - A condition where the nail separates from the nail bed. 

  • Severely weak, damaged or bitten nails - In which case I strongly recommend the IBX Repair & Strengthen treatment.

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