Whether for yourself, or a gift for loved one; enjoy the luxurious, nourishing care of the Famous Names full "Dadi" range.


This full range also contains naturally occuring antioxidants and 95% certified organic ingredients including Advocado oil, Extra Vigin Olive oil and Jojoba oil. There are 21 naturally derived, nourshing elements which include Bergamont, Rosemary, Lavender and Lemongrass, creating a beautiful aroma.


  • (Award winning) Dadi Oil rejuvenates the nails and skin with its penetrative, 21 naturally derived ingredients, maintaining nail health, supporting growth and flexibility.
  • Dadi Lip Balm provides 100% natural long-lasting conditioning, which instantly soothes & moisturises dry lips. Powered by beeswax with the conditioning oils of Dadi Oil.
  • Dadi Scrub is a luxurious, exfoliating and nourishing hand, feet and body scrub, with the same aroma and oils as Dadi Oil. A super at home self care prouduct, maintaining the smooth results of your waxing, preventing ingrowing hairs and as an all over body exfoliant. Containg sugar, salt and pumice, its texture feels smooth, yet productive when massaging in to the body.
  • Luxury Dadi Lotion is a fast penetrating, non-greasy, nourishing hand and body lotion containing the oils and aroma of the incredible Dadi Oil. 

Dadi Care Pack

£33.85 Regular Price
£26.00Sale Price
    • Dadi Oil 14.3ml/0.5fl oz 
    • Dadi Lip Balm 3.75g/0.13oz 
    • Dadi Scrub 28g/1oz
    • Luxury Dadi Lotion 59ml/2fl oz 
    • Total RRP £33.85
    • All Dadi products contain ZERO sulphates, ZERO parabens, ZERO petroleum and ZERO artificial colours.
    • All Dadi products are cruelty free.
    • Dadi Oil, Dadi Scrub and Dadi Lotion are Vegan.
    • Dadi Lip Balm contains Beeswax.
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