Rei - Soul, spirit, universe 

Ki - Life-force energy 

​Reiki is two things: The energy or Source of consciousness that is Reiki, and the system of Reiki - Both realised by Mikao Usui whilst reflecting and seeking inner peace in retreat on Mount Kurama, Japan in the early1900's. He experienced a great energy, truth and oneness within, to our earth and to Source, as well as physical rejuvenation. Upon Usuis' return to the community, he realised that his new found empowerment, inner peace and healing also facilitated the rejuvenation of others. So began his journey of sharing inner light and healing, along with day by day self-awareness and presence, Usui called the Reiki principles:

Just for today

I will not worry

I will not be angry

I will be grateful

I will work honestly

I will be kind to myself and others

We are made of the earth and earths' energy. Our bodies, emotions and health are energy. We are energy in motion. 

Everyday our emotions build, thoughts, feelings and processes are actioned, affecting our daily behaviours and routines. If we do not allow the energy within us to move freely, blocks are created that limit our emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Connecting to Reiki connects us to our own energy - the energy of the earth, the universe and the divine - with its' light and vibration moving through us, unblocking energy and unlocking clarity and guidance. Whether work or educational pressures; relationship boundaries and behaviours; personal perceptions, feelings and processes; physical or emotional health and more; Reiki energy heals and refuels the body and mind.

Receiving Reiki is a powerful, yet deeply relaxing and soul soothing experience. During a Reiki session, energy sensations vary and can include: Visions of vivid colours; a sense of physical energy or comfort; lightness or heaviness in or out of the body; emotional releases, warm or cool sensations; visions or words coming to the minds eye, and a deeper connection to your heart, soul and spiritual guidance.


During your Reiki session I will follow your energy points and be intuitively guided to significant attachments in your physical and emotional being. Sharing and moving this energy within, facilitates deep healing, release and clarity for your soul. Following a Reiki session will be nourished and refreshed. You may feel clarity and a greater love, respect and appreciation for yourself and others. You may also feel a powerful transition from clearing negative energy to confidence and peace.  ​​

Reiki is the divinely guided life force energy, the vibration of the universe; nourishing our heart, mind body and soul with love, guidance and wholeness.

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